One Source for Your Precision Screw Machining

Scew machined componentsWhere reliability is crucial, quality is essential, and productivity is key, Prism Manufacturing Group manufactures custom solutions one part at a time.

Specializing in precision screw machining, and Engineering Design support, Prism Manufacturing Group is your single source for all your machined component needs. From conceptual Engineering Design to new product development, Prism Manufacturing Group develops a manufacturing solution to provide you with the most cost effective supply chain for your product.

Custom Screw Machined Components

Prism Manufacturing Group provides custom screw machined components utilizing materials including brass, steel, stainless steel and plastic for various industries. Our quality focused component manufacturing services cover a large engineering spectrum from local Wisconsin manufacturing facilities to overseas product assembly facilities.

Prism Manufacturing Group’s screw machined components are utilized throughout diverse industries providing stainless steel pins and rods in conveyer chains for high speed bottle filling lines for industry leaders in the beverage industry to threaded screw inserts and machined components in everyday components from cookware to small engines and components that hold together critical assemblies for high performance machines. 

The recent addition of Swiss and CNC technology allows Prism Manufacturing Group to offer industry leading solutions for applications that require complex  precision components including hydraulic fluid control for cranes, tractors and heavy machinery.

Prism Manufacturing Group is founded on four Guiding Principles including customer service, continuous improvement, safety, and secure employment. Our guiding principles are centered on providing outstanding customer service supported with an internal focus on our employees. Prism Manufacturing Group works tirelessly to ensure you receive quality attention and customer service each and every time you work with us.

Prism Manufacturing Group leverages the unique skill sets of our ownership and our employees to challenge the traditional boundaries of manufacturing to provide the highest level of service and quality.

Engineering Design Solutions

More than just precision screw machined components, Prism Manufacturing holds the Engineering design skills and expertise to provide a complete Engineering solution. Not only can we demonstrate why your current catalog inserts may be causing assembly breakdown, our Engineers will design a custom insert to resolve the problem and eliminate scrap. Prism Manufacturing Group’s Engineers develop a solution utilizing our capabilities and experience to optimize the supply chain and provide the most cost effective solution.

Prism Manufacturing Group continues to look to add the necessary capabilities to provide one focused solution for our customers. From precision screw machining to conceptual Engineering Design and mechanical assembly, Prism Manufacturing Group provides you with the resource to optimize your supply chain.

Contact Prism Manufacturing Group today for quality focused screw machining, professional engineering design and consulting, and custom metal fabrication.